Concerned mixed race husband and wife review lease documents

What is Testing?

Testing is an investigative tool utilizing trained individuals to gather credible information about housing practices. Similar to mystery shoppers, testers pose as renters or buyers of real estate in order to determine whether unlawful housing discrimination is occurring.

Why is Testing Important?

Testing ensures that:

  • All home-seekers are receiving an accurate representation of all available housing options or services and are able to choose from all housing options for which they qualify.
  • Home-seekers are allowed to form their own conclusions about the housing or related products they are considering.
  • Housing rates, deposits, and specials, as well as the opportunity to apply, are equally provided to all.
  • Home-seeker qualification is determined solely by income, credit, rental history, and other legitimate factors.

Why Should You Be a Tester?

The work accomplished through The Fair Housing Center’s testing program is vital to ensure equal housing opportunity within our community. The valuable experience of being a tester allows you to give back to the community and serve in the fight for justice.

Testers receive a stipend based on the type of test that is conducted, and mileage is also reimbursed under certain circumstances.

Potential Testers Must:

  • Be objective and fair.
  • Be observant and detail-oriented.
  • Be responsive and flexible.
  • Be able to follow detailed instructions and write a fact-based report.
  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be conscientious and responsible in honoring their commitment.
  • Have good written and communication skills.
  • Have reliable transportation.
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If The Fair Housing Center wasn’t around, there really wouldn’t be anyone who’s making certain that there’s an equal playing field…when it comes to housing.

Diana Patton

Social Justice and Integrative Health Advocacy Coach