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The Fair Housing Center was honored to have the opportunity to share our message with the leaders of our community at the October 16 Rotary Club of Toledo meeting. The impact of Michael Marsh’s powerful presentation was evident when they recognized him with a standing ovation!

Zip Code Matters

The presentation explored the connection between zip codes and the forecast for life outcomes. People who live in high opportunity areas tend to have access to better education, jobs and healthcare, while those who live in underserved areas make less money, have shorter lifespans, and are more likely to suffer from substance abuse, disease, and higher incarceration rates during their lifetimes. By identifying and addressing these disparities, fair housing helps to build more diverse, vibrant communities, where everyone has the chance to thrive.

The Fair Housing Center’s message was well received, hear what our community leaders are saying:

“I want to congratulate you on your “Rotary debut”!! You did a great job on the presentation. I am very excited about the reaction of our club and their support of a very complex set of issues.”

-Sharon Skilliter
President, Rotary Club of Toledo


“Nailed it today!”

-Tim Harrington
Executive Director, The Ability Center


“You did a phenomenal job sharing WHY Fair Housing exists. Folks really do not know the history of the “unfair” housing practices in America, and you found a creative way to bring this out. Your presentation will certainly make people THINK, and I hope, ACT!

-Diana Patton
Speaker, Social Justice and Integrative Health Advocacy Coach, Author, and Attorney


“The presentation was phenomenal. It depicted the true reality of what goes on in the neighborhoods and how schools are affected by the concentration of minorities in particular areas.”

-Dr. Romules Durant
Superintendent, Toledo Public Schools



-Demetria Simpson
President/CEO, LMHA


“Just a quick note to say that your presentation at Rotary today was exceptional. Such an important message. Depressing to be reminded of how little has changed since 1968, but you and your work make a real and inspirational difference. Thank you!”

-Steve Robinson, Ph.D.
Interim President, Owens Community College


“Great presentation, very well done and well received too!”

-Alan Sattler
Vice President of Business Development, Paramount


“It was a wonderful speech. Every time I’m at a Fair Housing event, I learn new things.”

-Lisa Kohler
Graphic Designer


“I was at Rotary today and loved your presentation! I commend you and your staff for your advocacy and courage. I’d love to see how our agencies can work closer together.”

-Lisa McDuffie
President/CEO, YWCA


“Outstanding presentation!”

-Susan Jester
Retail Community Lender, First Federal Bank


“You did an incredible job. It was a moving and informative presentation. I’m proud to call our friends at TFHC partners and excited for what we will do together in the future!”

-Ryan Bunch
The Arts Commission