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The Board of Directors of The Fair Housing Center announced the departure of long-time President and CEO, Michael Marsh, who is leaving to pursue an opportunity in Hawaii. “I’m not leaving fair housing. I’m taking it with me,” stated Mr. Marsh, who will begin a new career as President and CEO at Responsive Caregivers of Hawaii on August 1, 2018.

The Fair Housing Center has engaged a consultant to assist the Board with strategic planning and facilitate a national search for a replacement for Mr. Marsh. “It will be difficult to replace Michael and his depth and breadth of knowledge of fair housing and our community,” stated Louis Escobar, Board Chair. “We wish him well in his new endeavors and believe that engaging in a thoughtful, strategic planning process will provide a framework to identify the skill set we need in a new leader at The Fair Housing Center to carry out the Board’s vision and the agency’s mission.”

Mr. Marsh will continue to assist the Board and staff of The Fair Housing Center through the transition process to ensure seamless continuity of operations.

“During my tenure in fair housing, I witnessed a shift in demographics from race-based complaints to disability,” said Mr. Marsh, who first began at The Fair Housing Center in 1996 as a volunteer. “I worked over the past five years to more closely align The Fair Housing Center with other agencies such as the Ability Center of Greater Toledo and the Toledo-Lucas County Commission on Disabilities. The work I’ve done in fair housing and the disability services community in Toledo will serve me well in my new role.”

Regarded as a civil rights champion, Mr. Marsh has been with The Fair Housing Center for more than 20 years. Two of the organization’s largest settlements have occurred under his leadership, resulting in the reinvestment of more than $5 million in the urban core to revitalize and support homeownership in Toledo’s underserved neighborhoods. “The Fair Housing Center has served as a national leader in expanding opportunity. I’m proud to have been a part of that, and confident the organization will continue to play a critical role in our community long after my departure,” said Mr. Marsh. “We’re lucky to have a passionate and dedicated team of Board and staff who will continue to fight every day to keep Dr. King’s dream alive.”

“My life has been devoted to issues of equity, opportunity, and diversity and my academic, personal, and professional experiences have prepared me for my new role in Hawaii,” stated Mr. Marsh.

Responsive Caregivers of Hawaii (RCH) is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering self-directed choices and expanding opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities and others with special needs. RCH aims to expand opportunities for people to fully participate in community life, to discover their talents, cultivate their interests, nurture their skills and interests, actualize their joy and the fullness of their lives. RCH strives to facilitate opportunities for families, caregivers, and natural supports—as a community—to learn, share, and experience together to fully support each person’s needs.