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The Fair Housing Center will host their annual Courtyard Connections networking event on Wednesday, October 10 from 5 – 6:30 p.m. at their office located at 432 N. Superior St., Toledo, OH 43604. This year’s event will feature the unveiling of a new public sculpture created by artist Dane Turpening, constructed from thousands of keys donated by the community.

This past spring, The Fair Housing Center hosted a Community Key Collection, gathering nearly 20,000 old keys from people across the community. Dane Turpening, Artist and Owner of Toledo Twisted Iron, fused the keys together to create a new public artwork. The unique “Keys to Opportunity” sculpture will represent the role fair housing plays in opening the door to the vital resources that enable us to thrive.

“We’re excited to unveil this new sculpture, which was created by our entire community,” stated Alan Sattler, Board Chair of The Fair Housing Center. “Each and every person who donated—even those who donated just one key—helped to build this sculpture. These old keys were lying around in junk drawers and garages, and now they’ve been given new life and are part of something permanent. We hope this artwork raises awareness of how your ZIP Code matters, symbolizing the connection between where you live and your opportunities for success.”

Steve Holland, a client recently assisted by The Fair Housing Center, will also be present to share his story. After moving into a neighborhood in Whitehouse and being told by his HOA that swing sets were not allowed, he turned to The Fair Housing Center. With our help, Mr. Holland and other families with children are now able to fully enjoy the amenities of their community.